Oddities in the University Archives

The majority of the material that makes up the University Archives at Texas Tech University consists of historical documents and memorabilia relating directly to Texas Tech. Occasionally an item will appear within a collection that does not fit the collecting scope of the University Archives. One of the collections currently being processed is from the President’s Office, dated 1932-1938. Bradford Knapp was president of Texas Tech during this time period.  The oddities highlighted here will remain within this collection.

This collection contains an entire folder of advertisements sent to the Texas Tech Bookstore by various publishing houses and suppliers of items a college student might need.

Collegiate Cap and Gowns, 1933

Caps, Gowns, and Hoods for all degrees, including Bachelor’s, 1933.

Vogue Sport Soles

Vogue Sport Soles Advertisement, 1933. Metal Soles to attach to any shoe to make it into a sport shoe.

The Economic Forum Newsletter

Economic Forum newsletter subscription offer, including 3 free books concerning the economy. This advertisement was in the Bookstore folder dated 1933, at the height of the Great Depression.