This is Texas Tech

Originally posted May 31, 2011

One of the best aspects of the Internet is the ability to provide access to unique or rare material to a larger audience. One such item we ran across was a 1947 Tech promo video which had been placed on YouTube. The five minute film was narrated by Clint Formby, a noted Tech alum who graduated with a journalism degree in 1949. Clint went on to do a daily radio program on KPAN called the “Day-by-Day Philosopher” which ran for nearly 55 years before his passing in 2010. While Clint narrates an overview of the Raider life in 1947, the film shows footage of the Administration Building and its towers and bells, students crossing Memorial Circle to go to class, Red Raiders marching in the homecoming parade, a touchdown by the football team, and the Texas Tech “Matador Band” performing a Double T formation.

The same person has also posted footage of the 1960 Jones Stadium expansion.

The University Archives houses thousands of feet of school footage, including footage from the University News and Publications Office, now called Marketing and Communications. We have found another “This is Texas Tech” type film which we have been able to digitize. The recording is undated but the clothes and hairstyles are distinctly from the ’80s. However, the recording does not have sound yet as currently we do not have the equipment that can transfer that part. Hopefully we will be able to do that in the near future. There’s no telling what other blast from the past footage resides hidden among our holdings. Numerous recordings and reels are unlabelled and will have to be viewed to determine their content.

Do you have any such hidden treasures among your holdings? If so and you are interested in sharing it with other Tech alumns, please contact the University Archives. We would all be interested in seeing more “This is Texas Tech” gems such as the ones described above.